The Winemakers of Paso Robles (First Edition)

The Winemakers of Paso Robles" islarge format, full-color book, lovingly crafted and designed to take you beyond the cellar door. It dives deep into the art and science of making the finest wines in the world, and celebrates the men and women who dedicate their lives in this California region to the pursuit of liquid perfection.

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A photographer and a writer spent a whole vintage digging deep into Paso

"Mandatory reading for any true wine lover"


Gina A. Verified Buyer

A tempting coffee table book to pour through

This book was given as a gift to me and I've been enjoying it in savored sips, like a wine-tasting itself. I find that the descriptions of the winemakers are well written and capture what seems to be the essence of each person. And photographer Perez has created big, bold portraits to reflect the maverick personalities and their signature wines. The candid shots become intimate visual counterpoints. It makes me want to run out the door to Paso, goblet in hand, and meet some of these noble characters.


Al Jay Verified Buyer

Best Gift I've Ever Given

I bought the book for a lifelong pal who, with his wife, had spent a year in Paso Robles during a business related project three years ago. They fell heads over heels in love with the area and the people, especially the winemakers. They were ecstatic about the book when I gave it to them, but Mike told me this morning that he had read the whole thing and was amazed at how well it was written and photographed. And, he's going to read it again as soon as Nancy finishes it. If you're looking for the perfect gift for your oenophile friends, look no further!


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The most ambitious, exciting winemakers in the world aren’t coming from Europe, or even Napa Valley. The focus of the wine world has turned to a former cow town that is now making the most coveted wines in the word: Paso Robles, California.

Many readers may have been introduced to the region in the Oscar®-winning movie “Sideways” (shot in nearby Santa Barbara County) . But for the last 20 years, ambitious winemakers have been making incredible, unique, delicious vintages that challenge everything we thought we knew about wine. They continue to turn the wine world on its head, and they're loving every minute of it.

My name is Julia Perez and I am a professional photographer from Argentina. I love wine and I am fascinated with winemakers. Over the last few years I have been fortunate to have taken photos of vineyards, wineries and winemakers all over the world. Last year I teamed up with legendary California wine writer Paul Hodgins and spent an entire vintage embedded with 50 of the most ambitious and influential winemakers and vintners in Paso Robles.

The result is "The Winemakers of Paso Robles", a large format, full-color book, lovingly crafted and designed to take you beyond the cellar door, deep into the art and science of making the finest wines in the world, and celebrating the men and women who dedicate their lives in this California region to the pursuit of liquid perfection.

Through more than 300 pages, with hundreds of behind-the-scenes photographs and months of penetrating interviews, this journey into the world of Paso Robles winemaking provides an intimate glimpse into the passionate lives and unbelievable stories of the people behind Paso’s vibrant wine community – whose vision, talent and audacity have helped make it one of the world’s most exciting wine regions.


  • Hardcover: Embossed Linen 
  • 11 x 14.5 inches Portrait
  • 324 pages
  • French-fold jacket   
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An accidental meeting, a change of circumstances, an influential person or even a bolt from the blue in the middle of the night. Everyone has their own path that led them to a life of winemaking - a balance of art and science, physically demanding and mentally strenuous - lives of passion, and pursuit, and struggle.

To a winemaker, every vintage is its own discrete labor of love. A game of 3-dimensional chess against the elements, coaxing the perfect balance from the sun, the soil, rain and vine. If they get any one of a thousand decisions wrong, the vintage can be ruined and they have to wait another year to try again. But get it just right, and they’ve created magic in a glass.

In these pages you will meet a group of fascinating, passionate people, with amazing diversity. Athletes and scientists, writers and engineers, successful businessmen and scrappy service workers. There are journeymen from every corner of the country, and even legendary wine regions of the old world. And of course there are local kids done good. There are seasoned pros and relative neophytes - and several on their second, or even third career. Many overcame tremendous adversity. All have made enormous sacrifices and risked everything.

They have come from different places and circumstances, they have different methods and experiences and philosophies. But they all share a single quality: a burning obsession to make wine that lives up to their dreams.

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Kenneth Riding Verified Buyer

What a fantastic book! It has been done so artfully and ...

What a fantastic book! It has been done so artfully and captures the wine growing and wine making in Paso Robles. It is concise and easy reading giving the reader a background and insight to the individual winemakers. I was so captured by the book that I sat down and read the whole book in about 4 hours!


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